Why don’t the President’s ethics rules apply to Greg Craig, now at Goldman

"As far as the White House is concerned, it’s case closed for Greg Craig’s newest legal venture representing Goldman Sachs against the Securities and Exchange Commission. Administration spokesmen brushed aside questions about whether it was improper for Goldman to hire Craig, who served as Obama’s chief counsel for nearly a year before leaving due to the handling of the Guantanamo Bay closure.

The president’s ethics rules ban any former staffers from working on issues that may conflict for two years after they leave, and Craig falls squarely under that rule. "

WH Not Sweating Greg Craig’s New Role Defending Goldman, Talking Points Memo (emphasis added)

Since Obama isn’t doing anything about this, it makes me wonder whether the Administration is tacitly giving the green light to helping Goldman get off lightly – in effect playing a cynical double game here.

Me, I want to revive the Bull Moose Party.  Stay tuned.

  1. earnyermoney says

    Zero Hedge reporting that GS is donating more money to Republicans through the first quarter of this year. ORahmaRod’s SEC suit is an orchestrated shakedown of Wall Street. LOL

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