Links: 2010-04-16 Capital flight and amazing pictures of New York and Iceland

Links of the day

  • Greek wealth finds a home in London | The Guardian
  • Wary of a Bubble at Home, Chinese Diversify by Buying in Singapore –
  • Iceland’s disruptive volcano – The Big Picture –


    Other Good Links

  • – Martin Wolf – UK economy must perform a rebalancing act
  • David Fiderer: Bloomberg Takes a First Step at Piercing the Veil of Secrecy Surrounding CDOs
  • For Banking, New Travails on the Lending Trail: English Caixin
  • FT Alphaville » From the annals of international Greek debt management…
  • What Tea Party Backers Want – Room for Debate Blog –
  • España no conseguirá reducir el déficit al 3% hasta 2015 |
  • Recovery Lags for Smaller Banks –
  • Saxo Bank stoppede handel med portugisere i 2008 – Berlingske Tidene
  • The Next Global Problem: Portugal – The Baseline Scenario
  • Greece’s sovereign-debt crisis: Still in a spin | The Economist
  • The Aleph Blog – Are Utilities Like Bonds or Like Stocks?
  • The recession: When did it end? | The Economist
  • The buy-and-hold crowd is back – Abnormal Returns
  • Don’t Choke : The Frontal Cortex
  • Is China a Currency Manipulator? – Council on Foreign Relations
  • Dueling Columnists – The Public Editor’s Journal Blog –
  • – GillianTett – Mathematicians must get out of their ivory towers
  • Classroom Creativity : The Frontal Cortex
  • Chinese Factory Worker Can’t Believe The Shit He Makes For Americans | The Onion
  • China Raises Home Mortgage Rates, Down Payments –
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