Links: 2010-03-13 – Fed’s Lehman Repos, States may hold onto tax refunds

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  • What’s Happening to China’s Migrant Workers? A New Generation Coming and Going – The China Sourcing Blog
  • States may hold onto tax refunds for months –
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  • U.S., Europe at odds over global financial reform –
  • China May Face "Massive Bank" Bailouts After Stimulus Program –
  • FDIC: Failed Bank Information – Bank Closing Information for Statewide Bank, Covington, Louisiana
  • FDIC: Failed Bank Information – Bank Closing Information for Old Southern Bank, Orlando, FL
  • Mortgages – Even High-Score Borrowers at Risk of Mortgage Default –
  • WaMu Settles With JPMorgan and F.D.I.C. – DealBook Blog –
  • FDIC: Failed Bank Information – Bank Closing Information for The Park Avenue Bank, New York, NY
  • Untenable, unsustainable, indefensible, unsound « Annaly Salvos
  • Heard on the Street: Closing Lehman’s Legal Loophole –
  • Uninsured matter of death for 33 | The Japan Times Online
  • The Lehman Scandal Breaks Wide Open : Ryan Chittum – CJR
  • Greece debt: EU agrees bailout deal | World news |
  • Lehman Brothers collapse: what the FSA’s evidence reveals | Business |
  • Lehman Brothers: Repo 105 and other accounting tricks | Business |
  • Eurozone could risk ‘sovereign debt explosion’ – Telegraph
  • New round of foreclosures threatens housing market –

    1. LavrentiBeria says

      It is true, what Tea Parties there are that as yet haven’t been pre-empted by Republican Party operatives of the Sarah Palin variety, are very likely to describe themselves as unconcerned with social issues. But it would be just the worst sort of naivete to take that description on its face. This remainder, libertarian to a man with few exceptions, has no identifying moral compass whatsoever, absolutizing instead vague and adolescent notions of personal liberty that are tantamount to Social Darwinism in the economic sphere and a perverse psychopathy in the social arena. Its not that they are unconcerned with social issues per se, its rather that they recognize no social constraints and that, believe me, makes for a world of very important difference. Truthfully, if it weren’t for the obvious opera buffa that libertarianism is at core, what with its outrageous apologetic for the slave-holding Confederacy and its vision of the Constitution as though it were divinely inspired, these people ought to be considered armed and dangerous. But, then again, what can you expect of an ideological movement led by a self-centered septuagenarian that sounds like he’s inhaled helium when he speaks.

    2. LavrentiBeria says

      This business of states freezing tax refunds is an outrage. One is almost obliged to raised the question of the constitutionality of such an action. And an appropriate response: To freeze tax payments until refunds are made, perhaps?

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