Immigration bill may require biometric data of all workers, including teenagers

I almost have to laugh at this. But, a proposal is afoot to require all employed persons in America submit biometric data as a control against illegal immigrants. This is part of an Immigration Bill now wending its way though the Senate.

The Wall Street Journal writes ID Card for Workers Is at Center of Immigration Plan:

Lawmakers working to craft a new comprehensive immigration bill have settled on a way to prevent employers from hiring illegal immigrants: a national biometric identification card all American workers would eventually be required to obtain.

Under the potentially controversial plan still taking shape in the Senate, all legal U.S. workers, including citizens and immigrants, would be issued an ID card with embedded information, such as fingerprints, to tie the card to the worker.

The ID card plan is one of several steps advocates of an immigration overhaul are taking to address concerns that have defeated similar bills in the past.

The uphill effort to pass a bill is being led by Sens. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.), who plan to meet with President Barack Obama as soon as this week to update him on their work. An administration official said the White House had no position on the biometric card.

"It’s the nub of solving the immigration dilemma politically speaking," Mr. Schumer said in an interview. The card, he said, would directly answer concerns that after legislation is signed, another wave of illegal immigrants would arrive. "If you say they can’t get a job when they come here, you’ll stop it."

Wow. Who said you couldn’t get bipartisan efforts into Congress. Good thing the Ministry of Truth has authorized me to inform you that data from this national database will be used only to police immigration. As I said, I almost have to laugh at this.

It’s stuff like this that rightly imbues the citizenry with a certain knee-jerk distrust of government.

  1. js says

    Wow. There are so many other ways to solve the problem of illegal immigration. Even our passports don’t have our fingerprints in them. All in the name of security and safety I’m sure….

    1. Edward Harrison says

      Exactly. And, you may know this, but foreigners who enter on visa programs already submit fingerprints like common criminals when they go through U.S. Immigration lines. This feature was added in response to 9-11 and the threat of terrorism. I’m sure Graham and Schumer will use this as a basis for extending the practice to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, this time the pretext being illegal immigration.

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