Links: 2010-02-08 – currency speculators, Canadian bubbles, and more

  1. LavrentiBeria says

    Reading the piece on Palin’s recent political tour, I was drawn to the second item on the webpage dealing with her delivering the keynote address to the Tea Party National Convention in Nashville last weekend. Convinced ever since their raucaus appearances at the health care Town Halls last year that these clowns, their libertarian pretentions notwithstanding, were really nothing more than a kind of Sturmabteilung for the Republican National Committee, I’ve watched as they’ve increasingly and consciously allowed themselves to be identified with various Republican politicians and spokespersons, to wit: Dick Armey, Glenn Beck and now Sarah Palin. Whatever credibility these latter day brown shirts once enjoyed as “anti-system populists” has been soiled forever by this identification with Palin, her support in 2007 for the bailouts and her fascist warmongering. A dead on article by the Nashville Post’s, A.C. Kleinheider, and an in-depth analysis today by Glenn Greenwald at Solon place the obviously compromised status of the Tea Parties in perspective:

    Were an authentic people’s moment ever to come about in this country, look for the Tea Party contingent to be right there with the regime’s police, beating up the strikers and demonstrators.

    1. i.knoknot says

      you call beck a republican?
      you’re clearly a ‘second-hand’ opponent. you don’t even know the basics of your adversary(s). just what you’ve heard your friends and MSM say. we’re counting on your lazy ignorance. i’m sure you know better than the rest of us.
      enjoy your bubble.

      1. LavrentiBeria says

        Now have I gone and ruffled your terribly fragile libertarian sensibilities, son. I’m told it gets better when you grow out of adolescence.

        OK, little fella, you invited this question. Precisely what “basics” don’t I know about my “adversary”? You made the accusation, big mouth, where’s the substance? Do you have the courage to be specific? I’d very much doubt it. Why you don’t even have the guts to register here. Then, again, maybe you’re not old enough to register.

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