Bernanke: “He just out to take everything you own”

I post this one half tongue-in-cheek (hat tip Scott).  A picture of Ben Bernanke was shown round to players from the Super Bowl’s Indianapolis Colts (once a local team here in the Baltimore-Washington area, but that’s another story).  These guys know their Fed Chairmen – that’s all I can say.

Pretty funny. Take a look. You gotta wonder what the Saints’ players said, especially since bankers do god’s work (tongue fully in cheek).

Update: I just found a Saints player making his call (video below).  Since the Saints won, he better stick to football.


P.S. – the guy who guessed the unemployment rate is 38% is a lot closer to the mark than you think. More than 40% of Black teens (people very near his age) are unemployed.




Table A-2.Employment status of the civilian population by race, sex, and age – BLS

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