Links: 2010-01-19

Finance and Economy

  • / Columnists / Philip Stephens – How the big banks rigged the market
  • – A bank levy will not stop the doomsday cycle
  • Economic Perspectives from Kansas City: Sheila Bair Exposes Wall Street’s Power Grab: Angelides Commission Hearings, days 1 and 2
  • Rick Bookstaber: Breaking the Banks
  • Wall St. Weighs Legal Challenge to Proposed Bank Tax –
  • Paul Krugman – What Didn’t Happen –
  • Latvia in economic abyss |
  • Kobe marks anniversary of deadly 1995 quake | The Japan Times Online
  • Economist warns against China bashing from Washington over trade – Xinhua
  • – Merryn Somerset Webb: China’s going the way of Spain, Ireland and Japan
  • New emails show AIG mulled bank payment disclosures| Reuters
  • Jesse’s Cafe Americain: Franklin Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address: A Fitting Reminder For Our Crisis Today

    Politics and Social

  • FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: 538 Model Posits Brown as 3:1 Favorite
  • FBI broke law in phone searches: report | Reuters
  • The Guantnamo Suicides: A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle – Scott Horton – Harper’s Magazine
  • Fear Rules – Paul Craig Roberts
  • Bacteria are more capable of complex decision-making than thought
  • How sunlight causes skin cells to turn cancerous
  • Rape Victims Vs. Prison Rape Victims – The Sexist – Washington City Paper
  • Governor’s plan for prisons ignores racial history – Sacramento Opinion – Sacramento Editorial | Sacramento Bee
  • Barack Obama’s first year: Reality bites | The Economist


  • Ending Our Advertising Relationship With BigDeal – Tech Crunch
  • United States Internet Speed is on the Decline [REPORT]
  • Apple moves to ban Nokia selling iPhone in America – Telegraph

    1. LavrentiBeria says

      The commentary of Michael Hudson today at both Economists Perspective and Counterpunch is edifying, considering as it does peripherally the monumental insouciance of Paul Krugman in aiding the banksters to pass off their crimes as “cluelessness”. What a schmendrick this Krugman, but what else is new? My only concern with what Hudson has to say: An unjustified confidence in Sheila Bair who is as are any other of the players in this drama a creature of the system. Give me a name out of the Philadelphia telephone directory to run hearings of this kind and I’d feel more comfortable.

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