Links: 2010-01-08

Dear readers,

I just barely missed putting 2009 in the title again. I’ll learn.  I have some other things on my plate, so I have not posted quite as often as I would like. I have three or four topics I want to look into. They are:

  • Greece and the recent comments by Juergen Stark.
  • The morality of strategic default (a reader asked me to write a piece on this)
  • More numbers on the unemployment situation

And a few other pieces I can’t remember at the moment.

In the meantime, below are the links for stories through this morning. Many more links are available at the news feed (which is also available as an RSS feed).



ps. Marshall Auerback has promised to write a bit more here to give you a variety of opinion.

pps. And my apologies to those whose e-mail I have yet to answer.


Today’s must read post:

Scott Fullwiler: Helicopter Drops Are FISCAL Operations

These Chartalist guys need a LOT more attention than they are getting.  See this post to get a better conceptual understanding of what fiscal stimulus really is and monetary stimulus really is. Very wonky but great framework. I recommend it highly.


Other posts


Sorry, no Bread & Circus feature.  I know you need some distractions. They will be back.

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