Financial News: 2010-01-03

I almost wrote the date as 2009 yet again. Sheesh. For those of you who took it easy over the weekend and haven’t read any CW material yet, welcome to the next decade. See the 160-story tower that awaits you in Dubai below.

Must read

A dark privatised Social Security story: Astarra, the missing money and how examining a fund manager owned by Joe Biden’s family led to substantial regulatory action in Australia – John Hempton

“In Mid September I wrote a letter to Australian regulators which detailed my concerns about a fund manager in Australia known as the Astarra Strategic Fund – formerly known as Absolute Alpha.  This letter resulted in regulatory action against a cluster of related funds (almost twenty), however my letter was almost entirely about only one fund in the group.”


Today’s Bread & Circus feature: Dubai and the 2600 foot building

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