News from around the web: 2009-11-05

Be sure to see William Shatner’s poetic reading of Levi Johnston’s tweets below. Pretty funny.

  • Buffett Revisits Hunting Ground for Survivors: Alice Schroeder –

    "Buffett isn’t as bullish as he sounds."

  • Clever fools: Why a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re smart – New Scientist

    I have always said George W. Bush is NOT dumb. He is just wilfully anti-intellectual. This goes to that belief.

  • TV Bombards Children With Commercials For High-fat And High-sugar Foods

    But you knew that

  • A Court Decision That Reflects What Type of Country the US Is « Patrick J. Buchanan

    Civil liberties, anyone?

  • Cassandra Does Tokyo: Plus ça Change, Plus…

    "Welcome to the world of business"

  • Drei Milliarden Euro: Weitere Finanzspritze für Hypo Real Estate – FAZ.NET

    3 billion more for Germany’s black hole HRE. Where is Neelie Kroes on this? H/T egghat.

  • Berkshire May Lose AAA From S&P on Burlington Deal –

    "decrease the liquidity and capital adequacy of the insurance operations"

  • JPMorgan to Pay $75 Million in Alabama Case – DealBook Blog –

    This is the county sewer CDS case.

  • FT Alphaville – The Deferred Tax Asset disaster

    DTAs go poof if no profits are made. Watch this.

  • Viewpoint: Like Us, Whitney Sees Risks in Fed’s MBS Exit : HousingWire

    A Fed exit could mean higher rates and lower values

  • Bank of America general counsel was ‘not registered’ to practise – Telegraph

    This is not good

  • Ford Raises $2.5 Billion in Sale of Convertible Bonds –

    Good move after $1 billion profit. Huge greenshoe, low coupon.

  • – German unions to strike over GM U-turn

    Expect more of this in Germany.

  • Forbes India – Stephen Roach: "There are no shortcuts to prosperity"

    Good points on India, China and the US

    Distraction of the Day: William Shatner in rare form

  • Also see: News from around the web: 2009-07-29 where Shatner reads Palin Poetry.

    1. Stevie b. says

      Ed – as ever, thanks for the Roach link:

      “… America’s consumption is close to $9 trillion while China is about $1.2 trillion and India about $650 billion. There is no one who has stepped up to the plate on the demand side to fill the void of the American consumer. This situation will continue for at least three to five years.”

      This is an interesting time-speculation from someone who’s opinions should be respected. I am slightly bothered by the “at least”, but -at least- we can perhaps assume that somehow any withdrawal/reversal of QE will be further complicated by this time-scale of say 5 years. Is 5 years too long to stop the global economy from implosion in the meantime? Let’s hope against hope that we can somehow muddle though until the Indians and Chinese can in the nick of time come riding to our rescue.

      1. Edward Harrison says

        That is the hope, isn’t it?

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