Links: 2009-11-07

  • Warren Buffett And The G20 – The Baseline Scenario

    On dollars, commodities, China, imbalances and oligarchs

  • A close look at the new antitrust allegations against Intel – Ars Technica

    Intel paid dell to limit AMD shipments.

  • G20 maintains $1trn stimulus as Brown calls for global bail-out fund

    Interesting idea from Brown

  • Labored Conditions – Up and Down Wall Street – R. Forsyth –

    The analogies here are amazing. Must read

  • Rolfe Winkler – Amendment could neuter FASB
  • The Epicurean Dealmaker: Character Study

    This is pretty funny actually.

  • Charles Krauthammer on the realignment myth of 2008 –

    Not particularly enamoured of Krauthamer but he makes some good points. I will return to this at some point.

  • Babies Already Have An Accent : Scientific American Podcast

    "the melody of an infant’s cry matches its mother tongue."

  • RBS already halfway through £60bn ‘buffer’ – Telegraph

    Truly awful bank

  • Separate surname option | The Japan Times Online

    From 1898 man or woman was forced to change surnames

  • Supreme Court upholds gallows for Aum pair in nerve gas attack | The Japan Times Online
  • Guest post: Straight Offa Wall Street Debuts Atop Billboard Charts | zero hedge

    Very funny.

  • Investor Psychology … Fear Turns People Into Sheep – Washington’s Blog

    This is something I will need to follow up on.

  • Interfluidity :: Sympathy for the Treasury

    More on the finance blogger meeting

  • You’re Not Worthy, But Goldman Is – Deal Journal – WSJ

    Getting swine flu vaccines when hospitals don’t

  • Michael Milken Sounds Warning on Sovereign Debt – Deal Journal – WSJ

    Other good quotes too.

  • ABBYY Finereader 10 Professional Edition – At A Glance – Reviews by PC Magazine

    "ABBYY’s Finereader 10 is the best all-around OCR application available."

  • Lloyds rights issue looks distinctly unattractive

    "The capital raising is massive – a total of £21bn, compared with Lloyds’s total market value of £24bn."

  • My Visit to the US Treasury, Part 3 – David Merkel

    "Main Street sees unemployment and low capacity utilization. Wall Street looks at bond spreads and P/Es. Those are not the same things. The current stimulus has emphasized healing the financial sector in an effort to avoid contagion and depression. It does not directly address slack in the real economy. The real economy funds the bailout of financials, but does not directly benefit. Thus the disconnect between Main Street and Wall Street."

  • The Aleph Blog – My Visit to the US Treasury, Part 4
  • – Greenlight Capital founder calls for CDS ban

    Not just exchanges. He wants a ban

  • Fixed rates and protectionism, 2009 edition – Paul Krugman

    The relationship between currencies and protectionism

  • The Fantasy of the Clearing House Magic Bullet – Yves Smith

    Must-read piece

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