Links: 2009-11-06

  • David Michael Green: Can You Hear Us Now?

    We still want change. Hat tip Lavrenti.

  • Marc Faber has short term concerns about commodities, says gold may drop to US$800 – Business Intelligence Middle East

    Is this rally over the top yet?

  • Insolvencies hit record high

    Up 28% in Britain

  • RBS bank reports losses of £2.2bn

    Britain’s bottomless pit. Much worse than Lloyds

  • Fannie Mae asks for another $15bn

    America’s bottomless pit.

  • Verizon Droid Meta-Review: “A Killer Phone”

    This is the first real challenger to the iPhone

  • Ein paar Gedanken zu GM und Opel | egghat’s blog

    Good German account of the GM-Opel affair

  • How was FDR doing one year after his election? » New Deal 2.0

    I’m not wildly pro-FDR but this is a good take.

  • Fight Over Blog Comments Hits High Court | New Hampshire Public Radio

    I wish Aaron Krowne and his gang luck. Hat tip Rolfe Winkler.

  • FDIC Policy Statement on Prudent Commercial Real Estate Loan Workouts

    This is a PDF of FDIC guidelines on CRE loans. The directive seems to allow banks a lot of leeway in determining how to deal with NPLs. I see this as an example of allowing ‘extend and pretend’ which is how the S&L crisis proceeded.

  • December 2009: William D. Cohan on Larry Summers |

    Yes, it’s a puff piece. Read it anyway.

  • Harvard Business School Students Manhandle Cop, In Drag – Dealbreaker

    Bess Levin has all the gossip

  • Wall Street bonuses seen up 40 percent in ’09: report | Reuters

    This will be a source of outrage

  • Lloyds Sales Won’t Bring Good Prices, Pitman Says –

    “probably pay less than net asset value”

  • Google Dashboard: Now You Know What Google Knows About You

    Good move in transparency

  • EconomPic: Retail Sales… "Low-End" Bias Dissipating

    Are consumers coming back?

  • Japanese Investors Saying ‘No Thanks’ to Government Bonds — Seeking Alpha

    The demand must be institutional

  • Seagate Barracuda XT | Hard disks | Reviews | PC Pro

    Highest performance SATA drive. Huge too.

  • Adobe Photoshop Mobile Launches on Google Android

    "very, very cool"

  • Apple approved a “Hitler Book” app with Swach Sticker as its logo. How did no one catch this?

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