News from around the web: 2009-10-25

  • GM puts Opel sale signing on hold

    "European Union concerns that Germany rigged the sale to Magna to save jobs"

  • Despite the recession, Westfield London is celebrating its first anniversary

    Same thing is happening in the states

  • What a U.S. Decline Means for Investors –

    Don’t run out and trade away from US assets just yet

  • Avoiding a U.S.-China Trade Showdown – Council on Foreign Relations

    Stephen Roach: "This whole exchange rate issue is a red-herring."

  • America’s soul is lost, collapse inevitable Paul B. Farrell – MarketWatch

    "Jack Bogle published "The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism" four years ago. The battle’s over. The sequel should be titled: "Capitalism Died a Lost Soul." Worse, we’ve lost "America’s Soul." And, worldwide, the consequences will be catastrophic."

  • Glass Steagall on steroids now – Diane Francis

    Jeremy Grantham: "This is like looting." Strong words on Goldman here

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average — Inflation Adjusted – New Thoughts About Economics

    Also see these charts:

  • – Soros calls Wall St profits ‘gifts’ from state

    Video on page

  • Economist’s View: "Why State and Local Governments Need More Stimulus Funds"

    More bad jobs data here. Wow.

  • Uncle Sam Adds 5% to Prices of Homes, Goldman Says – Developments – WSJ

    And w/o stimulus?

  • New School of Thought Brings Energy to ‘the Dismal Science’ –

    H/T Ryan Avent

  • Fed’s Kohn: Worth taking time over regulatory reform

    This is exactly right.

  • The Washington Post’s 2002 "reporting" on Iran – Glenn Greenwald –

    more warmongering

  • Celebrating the first African American Cover Girl Katiti Kironde | NBC Bay Area

    From Glamour Mag circa 1968

  • Joanne Lipman – The Mismeasure of Woman –

    H/T Raisa. "The truth is, women haven’t come nearly as far as we would have predicted 25 years ago. Somewhere along the line, especially in recent years, progress for women has stalled. And attitudes have taken a giant leap backward."

  • Obama declares national emergency as US swine flu deaths hit 1,000

    Distraction of the Day: A British granny goes off! – I hope that newspaper didn’t hurt too much. Don’t mess with granny.

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