News from around the web: 2009-10-22

  • – SEB back in black as Baltics stabilise

    Return to profits. Again, all is seemingly well in banking

  • – China must keep its eyes fixed on the exit

    "While we have avoided the worst recession since the Great Depression, we are probably heading for another asset bubble and more financial turbulence."

  • Compromise Bill Could Block States on Bank Rules – DealBook Blog –

    This is a pure power play where states will be prohibited from regulating TBTF. Is this even constitutional?

  • Obama administration plans big pay cuts at seven bailout firms

    Where are Wells Fargo and other recipients of TARP money? Where are the banks that have not paid their TARP dividends? "Bank of America Corp, American International Group Inc, Citigroup Inc, General Motors, GMAC, Chrysler and Chrysler Financial."

  • Economist’s View: "Russians Looked Only for the Agenda"

    Everybody has a hidden agenda. This post is testament to that feeling

  • – Investment banking boosts Credit Suisse

    Banks are back in business all around

  • Call to end middle class benefits – BBC News

    This is absurd, but someone thinks it’s a good idea to cut "maternity pay, child benefit, the winter fuel allowance and TV licences for the elderly"

  • Skype Hits 521 Million Users And $185 Million In Quarterly Revenue

    Not bad given negative buzz

  • Microsoft Windows Live Writer review | Software | Reviews | PC Pro

    Amazing review. And it’s free.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 review | PC Pro

    Very good review.

  • – MySpace abandons race with Facebook

    “We’re very focused on a different space.” Yeah, right. You are now.

  • Financial Armageddon: Declining Empire, Banana Republic, or Failed State?

    Must read doom and gloom

  • Documents raise skepticism on Hill about Bank of America –

    Charges will be brought I suspect.

  • Get Ready For The Firehose. Search Is About To Get Realtime, Real Fast.

    Bing and Google now allied with Twitter

  • – Deutsche Bank profits hit €1.4bn

    Deutsche has been one of the best on the continent

  • macroblog: The growing case for a jobless recovery

    H/T Mark Thoma.

  • How Happy Are You with Your Carrier’s Customer Service? – Lifehacker

    T-Mobile is No. 1

  • Poof! Government Has Already Lost $20 Billion On GM Investment – Deal Journal – WSJ

    Expect huge losses elsewhere.

  • Pam Martens: Judges Start Nixing Foreclosures

    MBS means bank legally authorized doesn’t exist.

  • Big Banks Fail – Simon Johnson

    More on why Calomiris is wrong.

  • Washington’s Blog – How Did America fall So Fast?

    This is a good effort in telling you how.


    Distraction of the Day: Hula Hooping

    (Is this supposed to be news?)

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