News from around the web: 2009-10-20

  • Android 2.0 gets Facebook integration and a car mode

    With the 4G iPhone coming, will it be enough?

  • – Apple leaps ahead with 47% profits surge

    No one’s complaining about this, are they?

  • RUMOR: Verizon and Apple Already Testing 4G iPhone

    Wow. I’d like to see this phone. Big news. AT&T is unhappy.

  • – Greece vows action to cut budget deficit

    Deficit will reach almost 12.5% of GDP

  • Record in public sector borrowing

    Net borrowing reached £14.8bn in the UK

  • – Swedbank losses worse than expected

    Good thing they had the second rights issue.

  • Mozilla makes its mobile move, brings Firefox 3.6 to Android

    More support for Android v. the iPhone

  • The New York Times – Business – An Uneven Worldwide Recovery

    Very cool chart.

  • Optimistic Nama plan leaves a lot to chance | The Post

    On Ireland’s bad bank. H/T Alphaville.

  • Why Was Paulson’s June 2008 Meeting With Goldman’s Board Purposefully Kept Secret By The Treasury? | zero hedge


  • Frank Rich – Goldman Can Spare You a Dime –

    More evidence of crony capitalism and capture.

  • Maureen Dowd – Fie, Fatal Flaw! –

    This is stinging commentary about Obama’s flawed execution.

  • Ross Douthat – The Catastrophic Option –

    Similar to what I said the real purpose of health care reform is. "Providing universal catastrophic health insurance, while creating a free market for non-catastrophic care might seem unrealistic but could be the best alternative."

  • Paul Krugman – The Banks Are Not All Right –

    "While bank trading operations are highly profitable again, the part of banking that really matters lending, which fuels investment and job creation is not."

  • Bob Herbert – Safety Nets for the Rich –

    Increasing recognition of kleptocracy. More to say later.

  • – Gillian Tett – Michael Moore must leave US to find new elite

    Plutonomy! More on this later.

  • – Wolfgang Munchau – Countdown to the next crisis is already under way

    Munchau concludes this is an asset-based recovery.


    Distraction of the Day: Balloon Boy – ‘In a Box’ Parody

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