News from around the web: 2009-10-17

  • Supply-Side Economics, R.I.P. | Bruce Bartlett

    Repudiation of Bush. Not all tax cuts are created equal.

  • How Hillary Clinton Was Reborn As Secretary of State — New York Magazine

    Is her star rising?

  • Another Goldman executive named to key government post as its profits skyrocket – Glenn Greenwald –

    This is a 29-year old in a key regulatory position.

  • Facebook sees ad potential bigger than Google search ads | Reuters

    Sounds like hype to me.

  • Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License In Louisiana – Michael Scherer

    Racism is alive and well in America

  • – Samuel Brittan – Whatever happened to imbalances?

    "you never see a surplus of savings over investment in the figures as these two are defined to be identical."

  • – US industrial production surges in third quarter

    This is good news. Well needed.

  • Paul Craig Roberts: The Rich Have Stolen the Economy

    Roberts is a very right of center Cato Institute Libertarian who was also a Reagan official. He regularly writes on Pat Buchanan’s site. And he is saying exactly what I have done: we are witnessing kleptocracy. This has nothing to do with free markets, people. It is crony capitalism – Latin-American style, which hollows out the middle class Latin American-style. Studies have shown a widening gulf between the rich and the rest leads to strife and political instability (again Latin America style). Why can’t people see this?

  • Mark-to-Make-Believe Turns Junk Loans to Gold: Jonathan Weil –

    "Read the footnotes first, because that’s usually where the bodies are buried."

  • SEC Names Goldman’s Storch as Enforcement Unit Operations Chief –

    The guy is 29. I’m sorry, but there is no way he has enough experience to do this job. Enforcement at the SEC is a key regulatory function.

  • Live Blogging BofA’s Earnings Conference Call – Deal Journal – WSJ

    Huge credit losses everywhere. Surprised at CFC’s low quality.

  • Just How Bad Were Citi’s Results? – Deal Journal – WSJ

    Disastrous. Citi is still a basket case.

  • CLSA Sees Hang Seng at 25,500 in 2010 on ‘Hot Money’ –

    Sounds like they’re betting on the bubble ballooning even more.

  • Housing Is Moving Towards Disaster — John Lounsbury

    There is downside risk in residential property too.

  • Obama isn’t helping. At least the world argued with Bush

    Damning evidence Obama is more of the same

  • MSM Reporting as Propaganda (No One Minds Our New Financial Masters Edition) – Yves Smith

    Brilliant post! In a nutshell, don’t believe the hype, but, more importantly, don’t give up the fight!

  • Soros says U.S. economy will be drag on world growth | Reuters

    We need China revaluation and global regulation.

  • Rolfe Winkler – Roach and Soros at Buttonwood

    Well-informed comments on the crisis and the economy

  • Was it a stunt? Balloon boy’s family speaks out

    The pressure was too much. Falcon puked on live TV. Poor kid.

  • Goldman Sachs Is Robbing Us Blind

    Ratigan goes ballistic over derivatives.


    Distraction of the Day: Texas Woman Lives With Husband’s Corpse

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