News from around the web: 2009-10-16

  • Breaking the last racial taboo – Ben Smith –

    Bill de Blasio puts interracial marriage on display

  • Google Brings Back The Growth In The Third Quarter.

    It looks like Google’s firing on all cylinders.

  • Obama wins first financial reform victory in months

    Committee clears OTC derivatives bill in 43-26 vote.

  • Money well spent? | Free exchange |

    The Chinese have a longer-term view of the currency debate.

  • Letting Goldman roll the dice – Rolfe Winkler

    Great post. Rolfe reveals Goldman as more hedge fund than bank.

  • The Dollar and the Deficits | Foreign Affairs

    Bergsten is looking for a new monetary and fiscal order

  • Summers: Big Finance vs. The Middle Class – Real Time Economics – WSJ

    This is the Larry Summers we are waiting for.

  • Perils of a Talking Head | Bruce Bartlett

    Hilarious. I have done my share of these. Never canceled this way.

  • Dollar to Hit 50 Yen, Cease as Reserve, Sumitomo Says –

    More dollar panic stories as parity with CHF approaches

  • Philly Fed Business Outlook Comes Below Expectations | zero hedge

    Empire looked much better.

  • EconomPic: Empire Manufacturing Index Roars

    Another sign that we are in recovery.

  • John Mack: Of Course I Told Tim Geithner To Go F*ck Himself – Dealbreaker

    Pretty funny, actually.

  • FT Alphaville – Poor Dave

    Paul Murphy thinks Dow 10,000 put Rosenberg over the edge

  • Marginal Revolution: Refuting this post helps confirm it

    "Not many outsiders understand what a powerful learning mechanism the blogosphere has set in place."

  • FT Alphaville – Spanish banking crises, then and now

    More evidence of under-provisioning in Spain?

  • macroblog: A look at another job market number

    Firings are down but hiring is not happening. H/T Mark Thoma.

  • The Kool-Aid Factor – Arnold Kling

    Regulators are captured. That’s why they have not regulated.

  • The Next CRE Casualty: Union Square’s W Hotel | zero hedge

    Wonderful hotel but the hotel business is suffering.

  • Exits and entries – Abnormal Returns

    If you want to ‘time’ the market you need an exit and re-entry point.

  • It’s official: Your bullying boss really is an idiot – New Scientist

    Research shows incompetents do lash out if threatened.

  • Hillary Clinton Now More Popular Than Barack Obama

    Clinton has 62% favorability to Obama’s 56%

  • Consumer prices rise modestly | Reuters

    Consumer price inflation is still dead for now.

  • FT Alphaville – Goldman reports Q3 EPS of $5.25, net income of $3.19bn

    This is a monster quarter. Let the backlash begin.

  • All aboard the commercial real estate bailout train – FT Alphaville

    Bailouts are now focused on CRE.

  • Citi reports Q3 loss per share of $0.27, net income of $101m – FT Alphaville

    Credit losses overwhelming.

  • FiveThirtyEight: Lieberman Flirting with Political Suicide

    IMO the weakness of Dem leadership allows this to happen

  • Arianna Huffington: Why Joe Biden Should Resign

    provocative piece about escalation in Afghanistan

  • Average Internet User Now Spends 68 Hours Per Month Online

    That’s only two hours a day. TV is much more?

  • One in five black men out of a job figures reveal, and worse to come

    Recession hitting ethnic minorities in UK hard


    Distraction of the Day: 6-Year old boy floats away in homemade helium balloon (but it was actually a hoax)


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