News from around the web: 2009-10-14

  • Easter Island: Rapa Nui déjà vu | The Economist

    Too many tourists like in Machu Pichu

  • As Facebook Nears 100M U.S. Visitors, Twitter Falls Further Behind In The Rear-View Mirror

    Is Facebook winning? I am skeptical.

  • Kunden räumen Konten leer – holländische DSB-Bank Pleite (UPDATE!) | egghat’s blog

    A Dutch bank run. More later.

  • BizWeek Emblematic of the Fall of Print : CJR

    Enterprise value of print franchises is plummeting

  • Twitter faux pas: 20 dreadful types of tweet – Telegraph

    What not to do on twitter

  • – Swedish banks

    Most are non-plussed about the meltdown in Latvia

  • Are we setting the stage for next asset bubble? – Columns –

    Nagging concerns in Asia despite recovery

  • People Who Work After Retiring Enjoy Better Health, According To National Study

    Even after controlling for pre-retirement health

  • Declines In Other Thinking And Learning Skills May Precede Memory Loss In Alzheimer’s Disease

    Visuospatial decline may be a warning sign

  • Lights dim for American banks in London, but rivals rush to fill the gap – Telegraph

    Are US banks retreating from London?

  • Staying in the game – Abnormal Returns

    Questions about buy and hold and equities over bonds.

  • Maureen Dowd – Gandhi Wuz Robbed –

    MoDo goes for hilarious on the peace prize.

  • – Ireland faces steep borrowing to cover deficit

    The Irish have serious fiscal problems, no monetary spigot.

  • A Volley Between Fox News and Obama Administration –

    “We’re going to treat them the way we would treat an opponent.”

  • Accrued Interest: Debt Monetization: He’s heading for that small moon

    On QE versus monetization.

  • Microsoft Security Essentials review | PC Pro

    This is free. And it does the job too.


    Distraction of the Day: Dyson no longer sucks, it blows

    (I was a Dyson hater a few years back because the man was everywhere. But, he has grown on me).

    1. aitrader says

      Swedish Deflation Accelerates

      Consumer prices rose by 0.3 % in September compared to the previous month according to SCB. Compared to September 2008 the Swedish Consumer Price Index dropped 1.6%, meaning deflation, compared with a drop of 0.8% in August. The Krona weakened initially on release of these figures but soon regained ground.

      From Dagens Industri:

      Prisfallet tilltar

      (Let me know if you want a full translation of the article.)

    2. Anonymous says

      It seems to me as though I am back in Middle School, behind the “Loo’s” (as the ‘English call the ‘restrooms’), watching ….. You got it, a fight! Not between adults, but a bunch of kids, one of whom was usually the School Bully, with a bunch of bunch of little girls shreeking, “hit him, hit him” … Typically while the poor kid with glasses is down on the ground!

      Will the “grown-up’s” please stand up??

      As Bonnie Tyler sings so beautifully, “I need a
      Hero” …. Please won’t somebody stand up and take charge!

      s it too much to ask for the government to govern?

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