News from around the web: 2009-10-12

  • – Thomas Palley – A second Great Depression is still possible

    A reminder of the downside

  • – Swedbank hits out at Latvia’s mortgage plan

    Of course they do.

  • Latvia agrees budget cut goal

    Large spending cuts and tax hikes. What every depressionary economy wants?

  • – Loan losses to hinder US banks’ earnings

    I expect some weakness. Let’s see what we get.

  • Writedowns on Mortgage Servicing Make Even JPMorgan Vulnerable –

    Another accounting shell game.

  • Pam Martens: Secret Deal Between Wall Street and Washington Shines a Harsh Light on Federal Housing Agency

    Scandal with Citi and HUD

  • Dollar Reaches Breaking Point as Banks Shift Reserves –

    Even central banks may be selling dollars

  • Your dollars are just monopoly money – Bill Fleckenstein

    Fiat currencies always end in debasement.

  • A Nobel first: Economics prize goes to a woman

    Theory shows user-managed property better run than expected.

  • Alienate Your Female Customers? Pepsi Has An App For That

    Someone’s getting fired for this ad campaign

  • How the Servant Became a Predator: Finance’s Five Fatal Flaws – Bill Black

    On how the financial sector is too large.

  • Pagetest – where web sites go to get FAST!

    Test the speed of webpages.

  • Gore Vidal’s United States of fury – The Independent

    I linked to his article in the Times. Here is another.

  • Rising Sea Levels Are Increasing Risk Of Flooding Along South Coast Of England

    Sea level rise has been century in making.


    Distraction of the Day: School kicks out boy who dresses like girl

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