News from around the web: 2009-10-11

  • – Latvian contagion

    There will be contagion: Lithuania and Estonia at a minimum.

  • » Only The Shadow

    Gives you a taste of the extent of the shadow inventory overhang

  • “Capitalism: A Love Story” « naked capitalism

    Wonderful post on Michael Moore’s new movie.

  • Letting Data Die A Natural Death

    T-mobile lost a bunch of data… permanently. This is a big deal. How can you protect yourself?

  • On the government’s owners – Glenn Greenwald –

    On how the government is completely captured

  • China objects to U.S. steel pipes probe | Reuters

    More protectionist strains in global trade

  • Economist’s View: "Global Imbalances and the Financial Crisis: Products of Common Causes"

    Good additions to debate on imbalances

  • California Budget Is Already in the Red 10 Weeks After Passage –

    The budget there is a black hole

  • Anger as Iceland battles to recover

    Icelanders remain angry at the economic collapse

  • – German rift opens over Opel sale

    Will the FDP put the Kibosh on this? Spain, UK and Belgium will add pressure.

  • Citigroup to sell Phibro unit to Occidental for $250m – Telegraph

    Selling off everything at Citi. Seems like a low price

  • How Chinese men searching for “village of hot lesbians” broke the Internet in Sweden

    Another internet hoax makes a stir in China

  • Morgan Stanley Set for Profit, but Goldman Ahead – DealBook Blog –

    Expectations are for big profits on Wall Street

  • Irish banks to be hit by EU dividend ban –

    The ban is because of the state aid the firms receive

  • Current account surplus surged 10.4% in August | The Japan Times Online

    Japan is back to huge surpluses.

  • – US retailers in first gain since 2008 crisis

    Again, retail sales is up. That’s big news.

  • Is F.H.A. the Next Shoe to Drop? – DealBook Blog –

    Yes, the FHA is in big trouble.

  • How to make Firefox Portable your default web browser

    Very cool hint for anyone who uses a USB stick.

  • Why the ‘peak oil’ debate is irrelevant – New Scientist

    Or rather why oil production will decline.

  • Roubini says housing market hasn’t bottomed | Reuters

    10 percent more coming.

  • Consumer prices continue to fall –

    Ireland in a deflationary depression.

  • House prices ‘have further 17pc to fall’ – Telegraph

    Fitch says the recent increase is a false dawn

  • Leaked Hotmail Data Shows Poor Choice Of Passwords

    This serves as an example of why one needs a more secure password.

  • I-Believe-in-Strong-Dollar Turns Relic as China Begs –

    A strong dollar policy is not credible

  • Obama, Does It Take Winning A Nobel To Get An Email From You? What #Obamashould Do.

    Must read.

  • U.S. states suffer "unbelievable" revenue shortages

    This counteracts any Federal stimulus.

  • Google Android Search Just Became Awesome

    Google has a long way to go to be as user-friendly as the iPhone.

  • The AT&T vs Google Voice War Erupts Over Sex Lines

    I fully support Google here.


    Distraction of the Day: Celebrity Look-a-likes with a twist

    1. barryschaeffer says


      When the effects of the housing shadow inventory hit, are we better off to be in bonds? gold? how about foreign bonds?


      1. Edward Harrison says

        Sorry it took me a long time to respond, Barry. The shadow inventory overhang is one thing that makes me feel we are not off to the races – and that’s a good thing as far as asset price inflation goes. I prefer gold to bonds because gold represents a fiat currency hedge whereas bonds are good more as a safe haven and in deflation. If we do get any inflation to speak of via a dollar rout, expect bonds to get crushed.

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