News from around the web: 2009-10-09

I am off to a wedding today and through the weekend, so I will leave you with the links and one more post to come. I hope to hear from you all again on Monday.  Have a great weekend.

  • Paul Kedrosky: Why I Love Venture Capitalists

    Good write-up on the purpose of venture capital

  • Strong Recovery Signal from Chicago Fed — Seeking Alpha

    Good questions asked about how real this signal is.

  • A false dichotomy – Abnormal Returns

    Buy and hold and market timing are not mutually exclusive

  • Economist’s View: "So Much Happening in Washington and So Little To Show for It"

    Basically, don’t expect change you can believe in.

  • Supreme Court Justice Scalia is a supremely clueless jerk : Pharyngula

    This is absurd. hat tip Barry Ritholtz.

  • Greenspan Takes Measure of the Economy – Real Time Economics – WSJ

    His forecasts are pretty much on the money.

  • 15-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Dips to Record Low, Says Freddie : HousingWire

    This could be a signal of increased consumer leveraging

  • Econbrowser: Will stimulating nominal aggregate demand solve our problems?

    More on whether stimulus promotes employment

  • HSH Nordbank entdeckt Tochter auf Kanalinseln

    This bankrupt state-owned German bank didn’t know it had a subsidiary in the Channel Islands. Hat tip egghat.

  • Australia: Taking the lead with higher rates, but who will follow?

    Asian central banks could.

  • FT Alphaville » Sheila Bair has strong words for secured creditors

    She believes they should take a 20% haircut in bankruptcy

  • Cassandra Does Tokyo: Mourning Rally

    on a "very visceral negative reactions to the upward movements in the gold price"

  • U.S. same-store sales growing

    Is this evidence that there is no consumer pullback?

  • – WestLB sheds debt via ‘bad bank’

    This is a first in Germany.

  • AT&T Risks Losing Voice To Skype –

    Going to lose revenue, exactly why Google Voice was blocked.

  • Latvia’s Woes Rise as Auction Fails –

    Why would you buy Latvian debt?

  • New Math Boosts Health Plan –

    "The latest Senate health bill will cost $829 billion over a decade and slightly reduce the federal budget deficit, congressional budget crunchers said Wednesday, marking a major step forward for Democrats’ plans to overhaul American health care."

  • Insight: Crisis leads to conflict – FT

    Fund managers and government at loggerheads.

  • Distraction of the Day: Kanye West interrupts the News

    (video embedded below)

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