News from around the web: 2009-10-04

I am just getting back up to speed, so expect to see a few older links I flagged for myself but did not post in the past few days.

  • Jobless rates rise in all U.S. cities in August | Reuters

    "Unemployment rates rose in all cities across the United States in August from a year earlier, with 16 recording jobless rates of 15 percent or higher, according to the Labor Department. At the same time, only 11 metropolitan areas said they had gained jobs in August, while 356 had lost positions."

  • Dollar Share of Reserves Drops as Euro Reaches Record –

    The dollar’s share of global currency reserves fell in the second quarter to the lowest level in a decade as the holdings of euros rose to a record, according to the International Monetary Fund.

  • | Wie bei Bush: Schuhwerfer attackiert IWF-Chef Strauss-Kahn

    "Ein Schuhwerfer hat den IWF-Direktor Dominique Strauss-Kahn in Istanbul am Rande der traditionellen Herbsttagung der internationalen Finanzorganisationen attackiert. Fernsehbilder zeigten am Donnerstag den türkischen Studenten, wie er von Polizisten niedergehalten wurde."

  • Asian quake could trigger California’s big one – New Scientist

    "It’s a kind of geological butterfly effect. Fenglin Niu of Rice University in Houston, Texas, and colleagues believe they have found two clear cases where remote events weakened the San Andreas fault near Parkfield, California. The finding suggests powerful earthquakes – like the one that has just hit Sumatra – may trigger further quakes worldwide."

  • | Willem Buiter’s Maverecon | A stronger US economy requires a weaker dollar

    "Sometimes economics can be helpful even if it does not allow you to make point predictions with any degree of confidence. This is the case, for instance, when it can rule out certain combinations of outcomes for different economic variables as unlikely or even nigh-on impossible. An example of such an unlikely configuration of outcomes is (a) a strong and sustainable recovery of the US economy and (b) a strong (let alone a strengthening) US dollar."

  • The Aleph Blog – Risks, Not Risk

    David Merkel giving us a good example of how to actively do asset allocation.

  • Frank Rich – The Rabbit Ragu Democrats –

    "you have to wonder what some of the Obama era’s most moneyed and White House-connected lobbyists were thinking as they preened before a Washington Post reporter recently for two lengthy articles. We’re not even nine months into the new administration, yet these swaggering, utterly un-self-aware influence peddlers seem determined to prove that nothing except the party affiliations has changed in the Beltway’s pay-for-play culture since Tom DeLay. If these lobbyists were stocks, I’d short them."

  • Ireland Backs Lisbon Treaty, Clearing Obstacle for EU –

    "Ireland endorsed the European Union’s new governing treaty, in a reversal of last year’s veto that puts the EU back on course to enhance its global profile and revamp its policymaking system."

  • The earnings conundrum » Investment Postcards from Cape Town

    "We have already witnessed a significant recovery in stock prices globally and the All Share Index has rallied more than 100% in US dollar terms. It is important to note that the rally has thus far been mainly a rerating in stocks while profits continued to go backwards."

  • FIGHT: Palm Pre Restores iTunes Sync, Defies Apple and USB Forum

    "Palm Pre owners, rejoice: iTunes sync is working again. Until the next round, that is. The backstory, in case you missed it. Palm, upon the launch of its cute, pebble-like Pre phone, had a somewhat cheeky idea that allowed the device to sync with iTunes: masquerade as an iPod. Apple, predictably, rejected the idea of an iPhone competitor piggybacking on its popular software: iTunes upgrades repeatedly broke the sync function."

  • Massachusetts government to announce emergency budget cuts | Politics | Reuters

    "Massachusetts officials have begun identifying emergency cuts to make to the fiscal year 2010 budget after the state’s September tax revenue collections missed their target, Governor Deval Patrick said on Friday."

  • Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’ – Times Online

    The grand old man of letters Gore Vidal claims America is ‘rotting away’ — and don’t expect Barack Obama to save it

  • Washington’s Blog – The Real Reason the Giant, Insolvent Banks Aren’t Being Broken Up

    Some are insolvent and all are well-connected.

  • Distraction of the Day: Michael Moore – Capitalism: A Love Story

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