Links: 2009-10-28

Finance and Politics

  • All Debt is Not Created Equal: Government Debt is NOT the Same as Private Debt – Marshall Auerback


  • Why rich college kids can sell dope and you can’t – Denver News

    I have a slightly different take because I know that there have been a decent number of drug raids in the previously protected college scene. This is interesting, though. Hat tip, Yves Smith

  • Democratic donors rewarded with W.H. perks – Washington Times

    This sounds dubious. Let’s see where it leads.

  • European Commission clears Northern Rock break up – Telegraph

    Separation into good and bad bank

  • Debate on Deficits: A Reply from Rob Parenteau – naked capitalism

    Must-read piece of economics

  • 1920-21 and the Great Depression – The Austrian Economists

    Allowing the money supply to fall isn’t painless. Allowing the money supply to fall in an environment of severe downward wage rigidity is VERY "not painless."

  • FT Alphaville- Switching banks: Learn to love the one you’re with

    Examination of drivers for customers to stay put.

  • oftwominds: Housing: Round Trip to Pre-Bubble Prices Underway

    75% down, 25% to go. Can we stop this?

  • FT Alphaville – In defence of Goldman Sachs

    GS is lobbying the SEC on dark pools, HFT and so on

  • FiveThirtyEight: Somebody Buy Joe Lieberman a Puppy

    Must read to see how politics work.

  • A Diary of the Great Depression – Paul Kedrosky

    Fascinating but sad

  • Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: PhD’s In Distress and the Unsustainable Cost of Education


  • Rolfe Winkler – Treasury is right to go long

    Geithner may switch to more long bonds to lock in low rates.

  • Lenny Dykstra: Homeless Lenny Dykstra Doesn’t Have Money For Gas, Shelter But Could Live In Finest Home Money Could Buy, If He Felt Like It – Dealbreaker



  • Droid drops November 6 for $199 with contract

    Looks like a huge win for Motorola

  • Sprint Drops Call Forwarding Fees With Google Voice In Mind

    More spotlight on Apple and AT&T now

  • Consumer Review: The Best Smartphones On The Market

    Get one!

  • Google Voice AIR App Keeps Voicemail and SMS on Your Desktop – Lifehacker

    More reason this is a killer app

  • Google Voice (voicemail) now works with existing phone numbers

    Portability is key. I see this as a killer app for Google, one reason Apple and AT&T killed it.

  • Get Adobe Lightroom 3 for free! (kinda)

    Much more robust than Picasa


    Distractions of the Day

  • Real Madrid thrashed by lowly Alcorcón in Copa del Rey

    So Ronaldo, Casillas and Kaka were out. Still…

  • ITF ‘disappointed’ by Agassi’s drug admission – Tennis – Yahoo! Sports

    You kind of sensed he was a bit hyped up back then

  • Pierce powers Celtics past Cavs in season opener – NBA – Yahoo! Sports

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