Links: 2009-10-21

  • Obama’s approval rating back to 50 –

    This is tied for the lowest yet.

  • Calomiris: Maybe He Slept Through 2008 — Seeking Alpha

    Debunkng certain economies of scale arguments for TBTF

  • Volcker Has Obamas Ear, but Not on Overhaul of Banks –
  • Wells, U.S. Bancorp get big boost from mortgages | Reuters

    More bullishness in banking.

  • Recession-hit Spain goes back to black economy – Telegraph

    This was how things operated way back under Gonzalez

  • Homeowners ‘will struggle to remortgage’ under FSA rules – Telegraph

    One reason to expect more downside.

  • Opel workers in Spain to strike over jobs cuts – Telegraph

    You knew this was coming. Clear favoritism for Germany.

  • Mervyn King: bail-outs created ‘biggest moral hazard in history’ – Telegraph

    More from the BoE

  • Public must learn to ‘tolerate the inequality’ of bonuses, says Goldman Sachs vice-chairman Lord Griffiths


  • The U.S. Can’t Manufacture the Kindle and That’s a Problem – Is the U.S. Killing Its Innovation Machine?

    H/T Michael

  • Morgan Stanley Earnings: Risk Grows, But Still Less Than Goldman’s – MarketBeat – WSJ

    Another earnings beat.

  • Niall Ferguson U.S. Empire in Decline on Collision Course with China

    There are some solutions though IMO

  • How The iPhone Is Blowing Everyone Else Away (In Charts)

    Mary Meeker is bullish on the iPhone

  • Goes Mobile

    I use this theme right now as does Baseline Scenario

  • FT Alphaville – Peaking into Wells Fargos pandoras box of commercial real estate

    Wells has a monster number.

  • Felix Salmon – How Paulson gave Goldman the Lehman heads-up

    This should certainly be investigated.

  • How to understand out-of-state tuition? | Free exchange |

    Understanding increased cost of Uni.

  • How bank equity regulation is akin to inflation targeting | vox

    Interesting thesis.

  • Corrections Corp A Top Real Estate Play -Bill Ackman –

    Prisons should not be private

  • Buffett Says Wall Street Pay Must Have ‘Downside’ –

    Stock instead of options and clawbacks.

    Read more:

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