Frontline – The Warning: Who Knew About the Looming Financial Crisis?

Watch the hour-long retrospective which aired tonight on PBS’s Frontline.  It should be very enlighteningregarding the seeds of the bubble and meltdown.  It examines who the players in the 1990s and 2000s were, what their attitude to regulation was, and how lax regulation created a bubble and a bust.

Also see the following posts for more background:

(video embedded below; runs just under one hour)

  1. Matt Stiles says

    EMH underpins laissez faire? Please reconsider this before expanding on it. That is categorically false.

    “The main shortcomings of the EMH are similar to those of the long-run competitive theories that focus exclusively on equilibrium outcomes while ignoring the entrepreneurial activity that generates those outcomes.”

    1. Edward Harrison says

      I will remove it as I had done on Naked Capitalism (since it distracts). I will revisit the topic later.

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