News from around the web: 2009-09-10

  • Faber Says ‘High’ U.S. Deficit Will Spur Inflation –

    He is making the asset price inflation argument I have often made. On the other hand, I am seeing some initial signs that liquidity is being drained. So, it remains to be seen whether the money printing will continue.

  • BofA Responds to Judge Rakoff – DealBook Blog –

    Bank of America dug in its heels on Wednesday in responses to two investigations into its shotgun merger with Merrill Lynch at the height of the financial crisis last year.

  • The Becker-Posner Blog: Unemployment and Depression – Posner

    Richard Posner gives us a thoughtful take on recession and recovery for a non-economist. I agree with most of his points.

  • – China’s love-hate relationship with the dollar

    Issuing admonitions about the dollar is easy. Developing a genuine alternative is much more difficult. This is the task China must accomplish – in its own interest and, ultimately, the world’s.

  • PetroChina Parent Gets $30 Billion for Acquisitions – DealBook Blog –

    "China National Petroleum Corp., parent of the state-run oil and gas giant PetroChina, announced Wednesday that it had received a low-interest $30 billion loan to finance overseas acquisitions — the latest sign that Beijing was deploying its vast cash reserves to ensure that its economy has the resources to keep growing."

  • Millions more foreclosures coming: U.S. Treasury

    "Only 12% of U.S. homeowners eligible for loan modifications under the Obama administration’s housing rescue plan have had their mortgages reworked, and millions more foreclosures are coming, the Treasury Department said Wednesday."

  • Dutch Banks Agree to Bonus Limits – DealBook Blog –

    That puts the Dutch with Sweden, France and Germany. The US and UK are opposed.

  • 9/11 heroes now sick and dying

    Some have actually been denied care. This is heartbreaking.

  • Playing With Fire – Megan McArdle

    "It is crazy nonsense. Even if everything that the truthers say were factually correct, Barack Obama was the son of an American mother, which means he is a natural born American citizen."

  • German bloggers’ Internet Manifesto on journalism’s future makes waves

    After stirring up their own country, the German blogger elite has launched an international version of their Internet Manifesto in English. Fifteen authors of Germany’s most popular blogs have signed a declaration about How journalism works today.

  • Eye movements reveal processing of hidden memories – New Scientist

    "By relating subtle eye movements to activity in the brain, researchers in California have shown that a structure called the hippocampus can retrieve memories of past events or experiences – even when people have no conscious recollection of them."

  • Where the Desire for Change Resides: Scientific American Podcast

    Duke University scientists have discovered a part of the brain that sparks a desire to explore.

  • Better world: Legalise drugs – New Scientist

    This article argues that the illegality of drugs is the problem, not the solution due to statistics on decriminalisation.

  • Google Voice Message Playback Comes to Gmail – Lifehacker

    To enable it, just hit up the Labs link in Gmail, find the Google Voice player in mail feature, click enable, and save your changes.

  • iPod touch gets speed and space increase, sweet new games, price drop

    We’re talking 64 gigs for the top-of-the line device. Nice

  • New iPod Nanos Get a Video Camera and More – Mashable

    All of the Apple announcements are very cool. Apple knows how to work the media for maximum exposure.

  • iTunes 9 Improves Syncing, Network Sharing, More – Lifehacker

    Some wicked new features for iTunes announced at today’s Apple event like Home Sharing, Improved Syncing, iTunes LP and more.

  • Apple ‘to kill off iPod Classic’ as focus moves to touch-screen devices – Technology, Business –

    The iPod classic is dead. I was just arguing with my friend Judith last Friday that this was going to happen.

    Distraction of the Day: Heidi Fleiss goes clean in Vegas

    1. Anonymous says

      Financial Sense Newshour radio show is going to have a deep debate where they pair the deflationists vs the inflationists. I’m looking forward to hearing how they debate. This is the golden question going forward, and there is still no indication of which will come first…although high inflation is most likely in the longer run.

      1. Edward Harrison says

        do you have a streaming media link. it does sound interesting.

        1. Anonymous says

          i looked into it a little more. I think it’s a series of interviews by the most prominent deflationists and inflationists. I think it kicked off on 09/05 with Robert Prechter the elliot wave deflationist who thinks oil could go as low as $10 and stocks will go well past their March lows. It’s available on podcast, but you can listen to the recorded interview on

          Not sure who is lined up next in the “The Great Deflation/Inflation Debate” series but the website/podcast should allow you to listen to their arguments and compare. Jim Puplava is a great interviewer and very knowledgable. I’m looking forward to listening to the questions he asks since they are bound to strike at the core of the issue and cut the interviewee no slack.

          1. Edward Harrison says

            I listened to the Prechter interview. I have to say, he loses a lot of credibility because he has been wrong so often and his calls underperform the market by a huge margin. I didn’t buy his story on Pulplava’s show either.

            As far as deflationists go, David Rosenberg seems to be the most credible right now.

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