Links: 2009-09-09 – 50 Cent version

Below are the links for today, but I wanted to highlight the distraction of the day, which is Curtis Jackson III aka 50 Cent, who was interviewed on CNBC yesterday.


  • This Keen professor overlooked by MSM

    Steve keen deserves much more notice for his economic analysis

  • Mortgages: bank profit margins hit record high – Telegraph

    Bank profit margins on mortgages have hit a new record with the latest figures which disclose the discrepancy between their costs and rates charged to customers.

  • – Crackdown threat to bank profits

    Hat tip Scott. Since this study was produced by JPMorgan and the last article says otherwise, you have to be sceptical. I may have more to say about this topic.

  • German bloggers’ Internet Manifesto on journalism’s future makes waves

    “After stirring up their own country, the German blogger elite has launched an international version of their Internet Manifesto in English. Fifteen authors of Germany’s most popular blogs have signed a declaration about How journalism works today.”

  • Tactical Error: Health Care vs Finance Regulatory Reform | The Big Picture

    "There was a narrow window to effect a full regulatory reform of Wall Street, the Banking Industry and other causes of the collapse. Instead, the WH tacked in a different direction to pursue healthcare reform." This was an enormous miscalculation."

  • Ex-AIG adviser who practiced voodoo on victims gets 12 years for fraud – Investment News

    Hat tip Scott. Are all the crazies come out of the woodwork in finance?

  • Goldman Sachs banker offered £500,000 for lover to leave her husband – Telegraph

    Hat tip Scott. You have to love this story. Was this guy watching Indecent Proposal?

  • When Bush spoke to students, Democrats investigated, held hearings | Washington Examiner

    While I think the school speech flap is ridiculous, it does bear remembering that it has parallels to 1991.

  • James Pethokoukis » Why the Dems may implode in 2010: 4 scenarios

    Jimmy P is obviously a partisan so conclusions have to be read within this frame, but his four scenarios bear noting: Double Dip, Muddle, Bounce, V.

  • Google Voice Finally Marries SMS And Email

    Google Voice users now have the ability to forward inbound text messages to email. And even better, you can reply from email as well.

  • TweetDeck Goes Full-Stream With MySpace, More Facebook Hooks, And A User Directory

    Is that Paul Kedrosky talking Tennis on TweetDeck I see? I still prefer Seesmic for now.

  • Facebook Launches Official Google Android Application

    today marks the first official release of a mobile version of the social network for Google Android.


    Distraction of the Day: 50 Cent

    50 Cent Shares His Attitude Toward Investing – CNBC

  • (video embedded below)

    1. aitrader says

      You know we’re in trouble when ex-baseball players, ex-actors, and ex-rappers are featured for their investment “wisdom”. (Thinking Lenny Dykstra and Wayne Rogers, former M.A.S.H. star, as well here).

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