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  1. Anonymous says

    President Obama,

    Why don’t you fix the economy first before trying to fix healthcare. Where are the high tech green jobs and industries your administration promised? How did ‘healthcare’ come to dominate your agenda when the country is still barely making an economic recovery? When millions are losing their jobs and homes? When working citizens are seeing their savings and earnings erode by out of control government spending and a catastrophic national debt? And your idea of change is to propose another tax payer subsidized program when you can barely manage the cost of Social Security, Medicare and Medicare which will go brankrupt by 2017? Escalating our $11 Trillion plus debt to foreign creditors in the process? Your ‘stimulus’ money only enriched stock brokerage firms while the people you purport to champion lost their homes. And you want to incite the public into a witch hunt of the HMO industry?

    It’s not just the right wing loons and political opportunists.
    Swing voters like me who voted for you can see through these pretenses. Come 2010, we are ready to show your party and their cavalier attitude about our tax money…the door.

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