News from around the web: 2009-08-17

  • Cockroaches future-proofed against climate change – New Scientist
  • The G1 Burned Out Long Before The Android Ever Did

    I just bought a G1 literally two days ago. So far so good, but… I passed up a chance for the G2 because it has no keyboard.

  • BB&T to raise $750 million after Colonial buyout | Reuters

    Another sign that banks know now is the best time to get the cash. Swedbank doing the same.

  • N.Y. manufacturing growth emerges in August | Reuters

    Given the uptick in ISM data, this should be no surprise.

  • Home owners drop asking prices – Telegraph

    This Rightmove data is a negative shock for the market.

  • Bolt 9.58 in the 100m – Paul Kedrosky

    Just think, this is a full 21 hundreds off Ben Johnson who was running on roids. Amazing.

  • The Easy Bet in Today’s Market – Motley Fool
  • Ara Darzi and Tom Kibasi – In Defense of Britain’s Health System –
  • Fareed Zakaria – When Only a Crisis Brings Reforms –
  • It’s true: all the taken men are best – New Scientist
  • "Annoying Habits of College Professors" (circa 1935 to 1937): Scientific American
  • The Swiss Menace – Paul Krugman

    An outline of different universal coverage types. Finally, someone makes sense on healthcare.

  • Deficit attention disorder – FT
  • You think Ireland is bad? Look at Spain

    hat tip Edward Hugh.


    Distraction of the day: Bob Dylan detained by the police

    Distraction II: Michael Vick (The guy served his time.  Doesn’t he deserve to play?)

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