News from around the web: 2009-08-05

  • What You Get for … $250,000 –

    The house in Portland, ME is very nice.

  • ‘High Risk, High Reward’ –

    McCain’s Palin pick explained

  • China’s growth figures fail to add up – FT

    Yet more reason to doubt China’s numbers

  • US sees consumer spending growth – BBC News

    Income and savings down and spending up? Not a good trend.

  • Bill King: The folly of government statistics – Prieur du Plessis

    If you dig deeper, you’ll see that GDP is not stellar. true, but the 2nd derivative is all that people care about right now.

  • Sheila Bair not cowed by Geithner tantrum, criticizes Obama – Rolfe Winkler

    Bair is looking like the best member of Obama’s economic team.

  • Avoiding the Tail Wagging the Dog – David Merkel

    Sound reasoning on regulating derivatives

  • Will Acute Distress in the Baltics Blow Back to Europe? – Yves Smith

    It will, but how much of an impact will it have?

  • Northern Rock bad debts push loss to £724m – Telegraph

    I have always said this company was bankrupt from the beginning. It was not liquidity, it was solvency.

  • China struggles to create enough jobs

    The need to employ is why China is willing to risk a bubble

  • House price jump stokes bubble fears

    Australia still in bubble mode

  • Agents Raid Colonial Bank and a Lender in Florida –

    Fraudulent use of bailout money may be a factor.

  • Economist’s View: Fed Watch: Is a Jobless Recovery Your Best Friend?

    Lots of economic insights from Tim Duy.

  • Security Cyber Czar Steps Down –

    Apparently Summers and/or Geithner marginalized her

  • Geithner Vents at Regulators as Overhaul Stumbles –

    Frustration building, especially at Sheila Bair.

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