Links: 2009-08-15 blogger edition

As I promised, I have more links. This time they all come from posts on top finance blogs over the past day or so.  I do expect to hit some of these topics in the coming days.

  • Five questions for David Wessel | Free exchange |
  • Economists – not the best recovery forecasters – Rebecca Wilder Does this mean we should be bullish?
  • An Inside Perspective on Regulatory Capture – The Baseline Scenario
  • Robert Reich’s Blog: Obama’s Second Biggest Test: Reforming Wall Street, and Why Early Indications Aren’t Hopeful
  • Debunking US Economic Myths – Yves Smith
  • Peter Schiff – New Deal 2.0 Schiff has a valid macro point that goes awry if unhedged and the timing is off.
  • Debtor’s Revolt? – Marshall Auerback
  • Spain still mired in recession as economy shrinks more than expected As I have noted, Spain and Ireland will be laggards in economic recovery. Will the UK?
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