Noontime Reading

I found a number of interesting articles this morning – a lot outside of finance and economics.  So I am putting out another links post.


  • I wasn’t impressed by China’s high reserve and GDP growth numbers

    A lot of interesting details on China’s recent GDP numbers and what they mean.

  • Wal-Mart to require ‘green’ labeling – MSN Money

    They may be getting ahead of labeling regulations to come

  • Butt out: China’s hard line to Rudd

    "China has dismissed Australian concerns about the detained Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu as mere "noise" and warned that representations on his behalf will only hurt Australian interests.’

  •’s oldest new mom dies at 69

    This is a sad tale. How do we deal with the ethics?

  • The Obama Effect Considered – 538

    Is style more important than substance? Perhaps, yes.

  • East Europeans seek Obama’s support on Russia – Reuters

    Another area to test Obama given the Bush stance

  • Ricardo Comment Draws Criticism During Sotomayor Hearing – TIME

    GOP is nuking themselves.

  • Rating Agencies May Need To Look For Some New Cows – Dealbreaker

    Credit Suisse goes ratings naked

  • Live Blogging JPMorgan’s Earnings Conference Call – Deal Journal – WSJ

    Note Dimon’s comments about CRE and regional banks.

  • Obama’s self-defeating war on the wealthy – James Pethokoukis

    Are we seeing class warfare via taxes?

  • Rio accused of widespread bribery – FT Alphaville

    This dispute inexplicably escalates

  • China grows faster amid worries – BBC News

    This is up from 6.1%

  • Lloyds to cut another 1,200 jobs – BBC News

    That makes 8200 for the year

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