Noontime Links

I ran across a slew of stories this morning, so I am making another links post.  Enjoy.


  • Super-size Deposits Of Frozen Carbon In Arctic Could Worsen Climate Change

    This makes a trilogy of environment stories

  • Vitamin D Deficiency Is Widespread And On The Increase

    Especially problematic in S. Asia and Mideast

  • Many Antarctic Species Ill Prepared To Cope With Warmer Ocean

    More environmental problems

  • Disappearing Seagrass Threatening Future Of Coastal Ecosystems Globally

    "Seagrasses… influence… environments of coastal waters"

  • Xingjian Riots: The Energy Connection – Paul Kedrosky

    I knew there was more to this story.

  • Defense Secretary Robert McNamara dies – Reuters

    You must see "The Fog of War" to get his role.

  • Your Deleted Social Network Pics are Probably Still There – Lifehacker

    Be forewarned!

  • The Wall Street White House – Andrew Cockburn

    Citi and Goldman in power. Hat tip Barry Ritholtz

  • Recession may get worse, Gordon Brown warns world leaders – Times Online

    Gordon Brown is the new Cassandra? Hat tip CR

  • Bernie Madoff Is No John Dillinger – Frank Rich

    This is about banks feeding at the trough. hat tip Marshall Auerback

  • Latvia’s lenders will even take your soul – FT Alphaville

    pretty funny.

  • Liquidity injections alone are not enough – Wolfgang Munchau

    Warning that Europe and its banks are sick.

  • The Perpendicular – David Warsh

    Good article on blogging and Mark Thoma. hat tip James Kwak.

  • In California, mortgage scammers find easy pickings – Los Angeles Times

    Fraud is rising with foreclosure.

  • A Goldman trading scandal? – Matthew Goldstein

    Business espionage hits Wall Street.

  • Goldman, Barclays Using Newfangled CDOs to Offload Bad Bank Assets – Yves Smith

    More financial innovation.

  • Paul Krugman: HELP Is on the Way – Economist’s View

    A decent health reform proposal

  • China officials call for displacing dollar, in time – Reuters

    Yuan needs to be convertible first

  • Judge approves plan to sell GM assets – FT

    Much easier than I expected

  • $265bln Goodwill On Top 133 Listed German Companies Balance Sheets…. – immobilienblasen
  • China says 140 dead in Xinjiang unrest – FT

    Is this ethnic or national unrest?

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