News from around the web: 2009-07-27

  • The Sector Financial Balances Model of Aggregate Demand—Revised – Scott Fullwiler

    A great but dense analysis of the 1990s expansion and the present fiscal crisis

  • Hotter weather fed growth of Incan empire – New Scientist

    Incan and Mayan history is fascinating

  • South Korean Consumer Confidence Rises to a Seven-Year High –

    Yet more evidence of de-coupling

  • Clive Crook – Obama is failing on health reform- FT

    Interesting in general but total nonsense about Obama siding with liberals. He has not: not on affirmative action, not on Supreme Court nominee, not on stimulus, and certainly not on banks. The real reason health care is failing is that Obama wasted capital on banks, plain and simple.

  • Europe braced for rising credit card defaults – FT

    Expect this to be in the UK, not Germany. Title is misleading because Europe is very heterogeneous when it comes to credit.

  • Record jobless rate predicted | The Japan Times Online

    By fall, most expect record numbers in Japan

  • VW looks at raising $5.7bn of capital – FT

    This is to recapitalize after Wiedeking’s debt binge

  • Iceland’s krona proves the magic wand as Europe ails – Telegraph

    Is this what Latvia has in store? Or much worse?

  • The U.S. Depression Must Run Its Course

    This is the Austrian school view. It has risks.

  • Hospital Savings – Salaries for Doctors, Not Fees – Series –

    Yet another idea on how to rein in costs. It sows we do need more time to understand the health care issue.

  • Is Google good for Canada?

    Another sign that everyone is worried Google is the new Microsoft.

  • And That’s Not the Way It Is – Frank Rich,

    Sharp words about the failure of the media including the NYTimes with Walter Cronkite as foil.

  • Dow Theory calls a bull market – Prieur du Plessis

    This rally could have legs.


    Distraction of the Day: David Letterman’s Top Ten on Sarah Palin

    Hat tip Taegan Goddard

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