New nightly news from around the web: 2009-07-29

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  • Swimming pools on foreclosed properties could harbor West Nile virus mosquitoes : Scientific American Blog

    “If the water is pretty stinky, [mosquitoes] will find it, and they will lay their eggs on it"

  • I’ve been an optimist on China. But I’m starting to worry – Stephen Roach, FT

    Even Stephen Roach has concerns now.

  • Phoenix Home Resales Surge 71% from 2008 : HousingWire

    Foreclosures likely distorting sales data

  • The Growing Police State In America – Andrew Sullivan

    Even legal Immigrants are on alert

  • ‘Organic has no health benefits’ – BBC News

    I view this with scepticism, but interesting factoid

  • Bartz On Bing Search Deal: “Everyone Wants A Real Alternative.” (Live Notes)

    Q&A on the Microsoft-Yahoo deal

  • Study Finds Underwater Borrowers Drowned Themselves with Refinancings – Developments – WSJ

    The housing ATM was the killer in SoCal

  • China only happens once | Free exchange |

    Commentary on deindustrializing effects of China

  • ConocoPhillips net profit drops 76 percent | Reuters

    Low prices, poor refining margins. Buffett not happy.

  • Abbey and A&L enjoy revenue rise – BBC News

    Good results from Santander

  • China’s biggest home builder soars on stock market debut – Telegraph

    Reminds of Nasdaq IPO riches.

  • Subprime mortgage companies warn on U.S. foreclosures | Reuters

    program to slow foreclosures may push financing costs higher

  • Microsoft-Yahoo! search deal: analysts’ view – Telegraph

    10-year deal. Yahoo down on news

  • Nearly one in eight houses vacant | The Japan Times Online

    This is an all-time high

  • China gains a foothold in Russia’s backyard – FT

    China making big political statement


    Distraction of the day: Sarah Palin via Jon Stewart

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