Links: 2009-07-19

  • Ex-Lehman traders to get huge bonuses – Observer

    Barclays is paying a lot for ex-Lehman staff bonuses

  • Swiss call for tax watchdog – Observer
  • Sink or swim in modern China – BBC News

    "China’s economic roller-coaster divides a village."

  • Tom Watson’s Open performance is down to his wisdom – The Observer

    This guy is 59, right? Amazing.

  • U.S. judge ends federal oversight of the LAPD – Los Angeles Times

    "Saying that the department has reformed itself significantly, the judge ends the consent decree that had been imposed in the wake of the 2001 Rampart corruption scandal."

  • Emmanuel Adebayor completes move from Arsenal to Manchester City – Guardian

    150,000 quid a week. Nice

  • Vicky Shorr: The Catholic Church Vs. The Women of Brazil

    This is a contentious issue in Latin America’s largest country too.

  • In Washington, One Bank Chief Still Holds Sway – NY Times

    Jamie Dimon still has lots of sway in DC. Hat tip Scott

  • VW to pay $11.28 billion for all of Porsche: report | Reuters

    Does this mean Wiedeking is out?

  • Citigroup, BofA Results Shine Light on Failings – WSJ

    Their results were not as good as GS and JPM.

  • Goldman’s Sudden Boom Could Be a Bust for Obama

    "The bank’s return to windfall profits poses a political problem for an Administration trying to justify billions in bailout money."


    Distraction of the Day: Political parody of Washington politicians

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