Links: 2009-07-18

  • Peter Brimelow: Wall Street-Washington collusion? – MarketWatch

    Just my kind of article. Hat tip Marshall Auerback.

  • Yao Ming likely out next season – NBA – Yahoo! Sports

    No Tracy McGrady or Ron Artest either

  • Dismantling the Temple – William Greider

    The Fed is in deep trouble from the financial crisis. Hat tip Scott.

  • America’s 10 cushiest prisons

    Bernie Madoff is not off to Sing Sing. Here are the easiest places to do time.

  • Watson, Marino Share British Open Lead; Woods Misses Cut –

    2nd time for Tiger. Watson is now 59.

  • Microsoft and Yahoo rumoured to be closing in on deal – Guardian

    Yahoo’s search business is what Microsoft wants.

  • Video – Deadly Bomb Hits Jakarta Hotels –

    "Bomb explosions at two hotels in Jakarta’s business district left at least nine dead and some 42 injured, Indonesian police said."

  • How Google Made Its Q2 Numbers: Squeezing Expenses

    Good for Google, but not reflective of a healthy economy.

  • Judge Dismisses SEC Insider Trading Case Against Mark Cuban

    Can’t the SEC go after real criminals? Ridiculous

  • Citicorp: Not very American – Felix Salmon

    Citi is not doing well domestically. It is doing well in Asia, though.

  • The Joy of Sachs – Paul Krugman,

    A must read on the financialization of America.

  • Citi reports Q2 net income of $4.3bn, EPS $0.49 – FT Alphaville

    This includes an extraordinary gain of $11bn. Not so good.

  • BofA reports Q2 net income of $3.2bn, EPS $0.33 – FT Alphaville

    Not bad. But not a blowout quarter.

  • D-day in Latvia – Izabella Kaminska, FT Alphaville

    Is the IMF going to give the funds?

  • How Markit turned from a camera into an engine – Gillian Tett, FT

    "The Department of Justice this week confirmed that it had started an investigation into pricing practices in the credit derivatives markets. It has demanded extensive data from Markit and the dozen-odd banks that own it, a request with which Markit is complying – out of swanky offices in London and New York."

  • Swedbank losses surge as Baltic loans sour – FT

    Worse than expected losses and major job cuts.

  • Dimon slams “fast and furious” regulatory reform – Paul Murphy, FT Alphaville

    Dimon doesn’t like the new credit card rules


    Distraction of the Day: Walter Cronkite dead at 92.  R.I.P.

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