Links: 2009-07-10

  • Unemployment in Spain: Two-tier flexibility – The Economist

    "How the burden of adjustment in Spain falls on the underprivileged"

  • A special report on Texas: : The red and the blue – The Economist

    "Whisper it softly, but Texas looks set to become a Democratic state"

  • Google Voice

    This application seems promising. Don’t have to pay for a telephone number like Skype.

  • The Ultimate Armageddon Stock – EconomPic

    Family Dollar is your stock if you’re thinking financial catastrophe.

  • The Importance Of Being Ivy League – Ta-Nehisi Coates

    This post is about race in America. You may not agree with this, but you should read it.

  • Tremors On Southern San Andreas Fault May Mean Increased Earthquake Risk – Science Daily
  • Markets need rules – Rolfe Winkler

    Self regulation is to regulation as self-importance is to importance

  • Alberto Gonzales Finds A Job – Karen Tumulty, Swampland

    He is now working at Texas Tech

  • Politics Done Right: Oh No, Ohio? – FiveThirtyEight

    Obama’s approval rate is tanking there.

  • Swine flu sweeps the southern hemisphere – New Scientist

    "pandemic is intensifying."

  • The real Gordon Gekko – Daniel Berger

    Milton Friedman as the real Gordon Gekko.

  • State of the Art – Bing, the Imitator, Often Goes Google One Better –

    Hat tip Scott.

  • Catching The Gold Bug –

    Many are buying physical gold. There are risks.

  • Massachusetts Sues U.S. Over Definition of Marriage –

    "Massachusetts sued the federal government Wednesday, seeking to overturn a key part of the U.S. law that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman."

  • Time For the Third Stimulus Package – L. Randall Wray

    Good arguments for stimulus.

  • Alcoa Earnings Wrapup: Bad News for Commercial Construction? – MarketBeat – WSJ

    Some stabilization, no more.

  • New York Times to decide how to charge for its website by August – Telegraph

    They need the cash. But, I won’t be paying, so I won’t be reading.

  • Madoff accepts 150-year sentence – BBC News

    He will not appeal.

  • Warren Buffet Supports Second Stimulus for Economy – ABC News

    "I think that a second one may well be called for." See video.

  • BofA, JPMorgan move cardholders to variable rates | Reuters

    Looking to get this done before consumer protection comes.

  • White House Ponders Bernanke’s Future –

    This article has a short list of replacements.

  • Swiss Bank Accounts, the U.S. and Me — Bruce Krasting

    There is much more to the UBS-IRS situation than we think.

  • Chinese bought almost 50pc more cars in June – Telegraph

    Stimulus is gaining traction.

  • Costco sales down an in-line 6 percent – Reuters

    This is another U.S. economy bellwether

  • Shipping flashes early warning signals again – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

    Baltic Dry ships in China and OZ has turned down again

  • Bing Now Bigger Than Digg, Twitter and CNN – Mashable

    Microsoft’s new search is hot.

  • 11 Undocumented Features Of Google Chrome OS

    This is a funny, sarcastic take on the new Google OS

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