Links: 2009-07-09

  • Harlem’s Real Estate Boom Becomes a Bust –

    It’s not just luxury in Manhattan that is getting killed

  • More losses are reported by Alcoa – BBC News

    Alcoa beat estimates. So, long story short, people like numbers. The problem is that commodity prices are selling off again.

  • Canada’s economy set to shine on global stage: IMF

    Will outperform most industrialized nations

  • Chinese Builder Said to Plan $6.2 Billion I.P.O. – DealBook

    It helps that Chinese stocks have run way up.

  • Hall of Shame: 12 of the Worst Financial Gurus

    Guess who? Many familiar names. Hat tip egghat.

  • Big banks look to rainmakers again – FT

    plus ca change.

  • Jim Cramer Knocks Another One Out Of The Park – Dealbreaker

    He cursed Lenny Dykstra

  • Germany considers direct lending – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

    This is the most drastic step yet for the Germans

  • UK facing ‘energy crunch’ as North Sea oil and gas cash dries up – Telegraph

    North Sea exploration down 57pc this year.

  • Switzerland thwarts US tax deal – BBC News

    Private banking is losing clients from this deal

  • Doubts grow over quantitative easing – FT

    Not just in the UK

  • Chinese bond auction falls short – BBC News

    A lot of government paper out there.

  • Google to Launch PC Operating System – Yves Smith

    But customer service is not Google’s forte.

  • Why Big Capital Markets Players Are Unmanageable – Yves Smith

    Great post on managing I-banks

  • House prices ‘fell 0.5% in June’

    Thus not confirming the Nationwide data

    Distraction of the Day: Jesse Ventura on Fox from May

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