Links: 2009-07-05

I hope people had a safe and happy fourth.

  • Profiting from an Irvine bank failure – Mortgage Insider –

    Interesting look into FDIC procedure

  • Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee considering expanding quantitative easing to £150bn – Telegraph

    I guess more is needed?

  • Post-Madoff era of scrutiny will last about 15 minutes – FP

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for change

  • Don’t bet on a China-led recovery – William Pesek

    Another topic I hope to explore.

  • 3 Reasons the FDIC’s Bank-Buying Rules Are Getting the Big Chill – Deal Journal – WSJ

    This is about private equity buying banks.

  • Wall Street Pay by the numbers: Goldman vs. Morgan Stanley – Deal Journal – WSJ

    Goldman at 700K and MS at 262K

  • Is Sweden’s Devaluation Such A Bad Thing? -Edward Hugh

    Sweden has gone QE and 0.25% on rates.

  • Quantitative easing, credit easing and enhanced credit support aren’t working; here’s why. – Willem Buiter
  • Shanghai plans own Wall Street bull: report | Reuters

    A symbolic gesture showing move away from NY?

  • Securing a Jumbo – No Small Task –

    I should have more to say about jumbos soon.

  • Former NFL quarterback McNair killed in Tennessee – NFL – Yahoo! Sports

    Very sad news coming on the 4th. Former MVP.


    Distraction of the day:  Michael Jackson’s Last Rehearsal (By the way, I just got “The Essential Michael Jackson” on CD.  Wonderful stuff.)

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