Links: 2009-05-29

  • Anglo Irish gets aid from Dublin

    4 billion euros is a lot of dosh. The Irish banking crisis is obviously not over.

  • Eurozone inflation at record low – BBC News

    “Prices in the eurozone stopped rising in May – with the annual inflation rate at 0.0% – igniting concern that prices will fall in the months ahead.”

  • Japan’s industrial output jumps – BBC News

    “Output rose by 5.2% in April from the previous month, the biggest monthly gain since 1953, official figures show.”

  • Fiat will not attend Opel talks – BBC News

    “Fiat still wants to buy GM Europe, but it said German government requests for extra funding were “unreasonable”.”

  • “Sotomayor: A Smile to Set the GOP on Edge” – Eugene Robinson, Wahington Post

    “Each of us carries through life a unique set of experiences. Sotomayor’s happen to be the experiences of a brilliant, high-powered Latina — a Nuyorican who was raised in the projects of the Bronx, graduated summa cum laude from Princeton, edited the Yale Law Journal, worked as a Manhattan prosecutor and a corporate lawyer, and served for 17 years as a federal trial and appellate judge. Given that kind of sterling résumé — and given that she has, according to presidential adviser David Axelrod, more experience on the federal bench than any Supreme Court nominee in at least 100 years”

  • China closing energy deals while oil is cheap | The Japan Times Online

    “Cash-rich China is using a period of relatively low oil prices to improve its energy security and ensure that its economy has the oil-based fuels needed to sustain growth when recovery from the slump takes hold. Should Japan, which is currently far more reliant on imported oil than China, adopt a similar large-scale strategy? It would mean providing billions of dollars in discounted government loans to Japanese national oil companies bidding for oil in major producing countries.”

  • “You Are A Disgrace” – Business Insider

    “Remember when the entire world was falling apart last fall and Mayor Bloomberg convinced New York City that there was no way the city survive the downturn without his deft touch? Well, now that we’re in the middle of a green shoot love-in, that whole idea seems pretty silly, huh? If not silly, then at least worthy of re-examining, right? No way, says Bloomberg. As a matter of fact if you even ask him about it, he’ll humiliate you.”

  • 102 Japanese parts firms may lose if GM files | The Japan Times Online

    “There are 102 parts suppliers and other Japanese companies who may not be able to recover accounts receivable from General Motors Corp. if the automotive giant files for bankruptcy, a leading credit research agency said Wednesday.”

  • D7 Video: Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz and Kara Swisher

    “Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz took the stage at the D: All Things Digital conference for a feisty chat with Kara Swisher about the Internet giant.”

  • YouTube – I Told You to Sell – Jim Cramer

    I saw this at immobilienblasen but their post disappeared so I’m linking to this video. Very interesting retrospective on Jim Cramer’s stock picking.

  • Would You Slap Your Father? If So, You’re a Liberal – Nicholas Kristof, NYTimes

    Notice the reference to confirmation bias, something I accuse finance bloggers of. Also, according to this I’m neither liberal nor conservative: “Studies suggest that conservatives are more often distressed by actions that seem disrespectful of authority, such as slapping Dad. Liberals don’t worry as long as Dad has given permission. Likewise, conservatives are more likely than liberals to sense contamination or perceive disgust. People who would be disgusted to find that they had accidentally sipped from an acquaintance’s drink are more likely to identify as conservatives.”

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