Walt Mossberg says Apple’s new browser Safari is fast

Apple Safari 4 is out and it’s slick and lightning fast. Most people are still using Internet Explorer, which quite frankly does not meet the grade. Firefox, which I had been using, has huge memory bloat if you leave the browser open for too long. Very disappointing.

For me, right now it is a toss-up between Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Take a look at what Walt Mossberg has to say about the latest incarnation of Safari. The long and short of his analysis is Safari is wicked fast but a bit annoying on other fronts.

By the way, Safari is also the same browser that comes with the iPhone.

  1. fred says

    If Walt Mossberg ever finds anything about Apple that he doesn’t like (at least where they compete with Microsoft), that will be worthy of a headline. Walt’s opinions re Apple vs Microsoft are 100% predictable, which makes them useless.

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