Links: 2009-03-27

Commerzbank reveals toxic assets – BBC News Obviously, there are more writedowns to come. What does this say about what’s on Deutsche’s books? or UBS?

MGM Mirage’s City Center Hires Bankruptcy Counsel – Deal Book

Fear and Greed – Mark Thoma this is a hilarious post and a must-read

Europe fetches the monetary helicopters, at long last – Telegraph Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has the scoop

More on robbing the US tax payer and debauching the FDIC and the Fed – Willem Buiter I love this guy. The title of the pos says it all. | Willem Buiter’s Maverecon | The new toxic and bad legacy … more grist from the Buiter mill

Viva Cantor-Krugman? House GOP Backs Receivership For Insolvent Banks – TPM

Don’t rush on US systemic risk regulator–Volcker – Reuters

Saving America’s banks: Only halfway there – Economist

Credit crunch will lead to oil shock warns consultant – Reuters I might have more to say about this later but I do believe peak oil is a real phenmenon

9 Reasons Obama’s Fiscal Plan Fails both Markets and Taxpayers – Joseph Stiglitz

Collateral 101: How It Works at AIG and Elsewhere nice eplanation

China’s Big Threat – Bruce Krasting I see this as an interesting analysis. Not likely, but good out-of-the -box thinking


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  1. Jimbo says

    The current “under-investment” we are experiencing right now is the result of demand contraction not supply contraction. If the demand were there, we would certainly have a higher level of production.

    This does not preclude the potential of peak oil. But Simmons argument is self-serving and does not represent the current market forces.

  2. Edward Harrison says


    you’re right that we are seeing a glut of oil and underinvestment due to a demand shock. However, the resultant supply constraints are beginning to be real. Rig counts are plummeting, countries and companies are cutting back on investment. A post I wrote in January on Conoco Phillips is but one example.

    When the economy rebounds, it will do so with a decided upward kick to commodity prices, if that isn’t happening already.

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