Links: 2009-03-26

Here are the main links. A ton more can be found in the news feed (also available via RSS).


Has the Gaming of the Public-Private Partnership Begun? – Yves Smith

Daddy, tell me, what exactly is a derivative? – James Carville,

Was aus dem Geschäftsbericht der Deutschen Bank über Kreditderivate zu erfahren ist – Blick Log

The Same Old Recovery – Joe Klein, Swampland a positive post on Obama

Valero Gets Sweet Profits From Sour Crude – Barrons I like Valero (they are a canary in the coalmine for the U.S. economy) and I am bullish on oil. 

Money supply in Japan and in the U.S. – Tim Iacono points out the differences with Japan. I have previously pointed out similarities.

Will the Geithner Plan Produce True Market Prices? – Felix Salmon

The Hedge Fund World’s Top 2008 Earner? James Simons – Deal Journal

Czech PM attacks Obama spending – BBC News

What Would Mises Say? – Mises Institute I like Mises, but doing nothing is neither wise nor politically viable

Do the Secret Bush Memos Amount to Treason? Top Constitutional Scholar Says Yes – AlterNet

WSJ: Poor Treasury Auction Rattles Investors – Rolfe Winkler

State Per Capita Incomes – EconomPic Data


Blogs I now follow

  • Pension Pulse – This is a great site on all things pension-related. Give it a go.

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