Links: 2009-03-25

Here are the main links. A ton more can be found in the news feed (also available via RSS).


Dear A.I.G., I Quit – Paul Kedrosky

The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government – Alice Cook This video is good.

U.S. wrong to blame China for trade imbalance: Stephen Roach – Xinhua

Buffett’s Goldman Sachs Warrants Regain Value – Deal Book  Shares of Goldman have more than doubled since hitting a record low of $47.44 last November 21, with about two-thirds of the gain coming since March 9, according to Reuters data.

Mervyn King warns Gordon Brown to stop spending – Times Online

Czech Republic joins East Europe’s falling dominoes – Ambrose Evans Pritchard

Hedge fund Bridgewater mulls U.S toxic asset plan – Reuters

The Seinorage Curse – Gregor Macdonald

U.S. Total Credit Market Debt by Sector: 1929-2008 – Paul Kedrosky

Regional Banks Are the Future – Real Time Economics

Hoenig: Fed Needs Exit Strategy To Avoid Inflation – WSJ

Volcker: China Chose to Buy Dollars – WSJ This is basically what I have said. He has equally good comments about the Fed.

The fiscal vacuum at the heart of the Eurosystem and the fiscal abuse by and of the Fed – Willem Buiter

All bailout, all the time

The “Geithner Put”, part 1 a good synopsis here for the non-financial

How to game Geithner’s bailout programmes – Telegraph

Will Geithner and Summers Succeed in Raiding the FDIC and Fed? – Jeffrey Sachs Very provocative

Why a second best bailout may not be good enough – The Compulsive Theorist hat tip Mark Thoma

More Japan parallels – FT Alphaville (mentions an article I wrote on naked capitalism, but it also mentions another which I find very good.

The Ridiculous Marks of Toxic Assets (part 2) – Tyler Durden

Geithner plan could run into trouble, Merrill’s Richard Bernstein says

Romania gets IMF emergency loan – BBC News

Blogs I now follow

  • Deal Journal – It helps that they quoted me. But, I like this alternative to the NY Times’ Deal Book. Give it a go.

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