Links: 2009-03-17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I hope you have a good one.

Going forward in the links I will have a main link section of up to 15 links. But I will also add a few extra sections on:

  • Blogs I have started following
  • Technology (I am a tech nut, but sometimes the tech stories d not relate to global finance)
  • Foreign-language links
  • Re-posts (whenever an old post has relevance, I will re-post it and put it on the homepage and here in the links.

Here are the main links. Others can be found in the news feed (also available via RSS).


VIDEO: Ron Paul: What If? – Patrick Buchanan

Political Will: Bernanke On The True Cost Of Banking – Simon Johnson

Sri Lanka plays hardball with IMF – BBC News The instability in this region is increasing and very worryingregarding U.S. foreign policy

Barclays reaches for its lawyers… – FT Alphaville This bank is imploding and could well be the next problem bank on the global scene

Seattle paper moves online only

TIME Blogger: The Politico Is Transforming Our Approach To News … Above, I mentioned that the Seattle PI had gone digital only after 140 some years in operation. As in most downturns, newspapers and media are getting killed. I expect the shakeout to be larger this go round.

Washington Times – State law gives Palin no choice but pro-choice

Free Larry Summers – The New Republic This a piece that is very good to Larry Summers. It is definitely worth a read for anyone who wants to know more about Obama’s chief economic advisor

Good idea that turned bad – Gillian Tett,

Blogs I now follow



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