1. toyotawhizguy says

    I wonder if Parker Brothers will release a new “Madoff Monopoly” version of their popular board game. “Steal $3M from your sister”, “Collect $200M as you pass”, “Payout 12% to early investors”, “Ponzi collapses”, “Turn yourself in”, “House arrest”, and of course “Go to jail as your victims cheer” can be some new block labels.

  2. Edward Harrison says


    I like that idea! Maybe the profits from the game can go to the victims of Madoff’s crimes. But what is Boardwalk going to be called? Park Place?

  3. Imma says

    Hey, I would buy it, sounds like a lot of fun, I lost my shirt on my normal investments in the economic meltdown.

    Bernie was allready a millionaire, hard to believe he would get himself into this, although I heard his monthly expenses where 250,000 to 500,000 per month. ( I might be misquoting) but yes, in that case I guess he would need to keep inventing ways to make money.

    Amazing –

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