World Economic Forum: Experts voice their views on the economy

Below is a good video clip from the recent World Economic Forum in Davos. The speakers are addressing the issue of how they see the global economic outlook going forward. The moderator who begins the discussion is Martin Wolf of the Financial Times, who I quoted in a recent post.

This clip comes in at one hour in length, but is definitely worth a watch because it gives you a good sense of what some very smart, very well-connected people believe. You should note that Martin Wolf himself does not believe the Obama bailout package is going to get it done.

Below are the chapter lengths to help you find specific points in the discussion you may want to hear.  Enjoy.

01. Introduction – 05 min 47 sec
02. Slowed Economic Growth in 2009 – 04 min 01 sec
03. Risk of Social Unrest and Protectionism – 04 min 36 sec
04. Optimism about 2010 – 03 min 56 sec
05. Why India May Not Suffer As Much – 08 min 35 sec
06. Bank Situation Better than the Autumn – 04 min 07 sec
07. Liquidity Provision, Clear Balance Sheets, Recapitalization – 05 min 04 sec
08. Bank Capital Regulation – 03 min 59 sec
09. Criteria to Make Action Feasible – 05 min 09 sec
10. Likely Success of G20 Agreement – 05 min 55 sec
11. Questions from the Floor – 02 min17 sec
12. Reducing Dependence on Hegemonic Powers – 02 min 25 sec
13. Compensating for Decreased Personal Spending – 01 min 12 sec
14. Good Banks and Bad Banks – 01 min 34 sec
15. Avoid Protectionism – -58 min-38 sec

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