Roubini and Shiller comments at Davos

Bloomberg has a good interview from the World Economic Forum at Davos with Professors Nouriel Roubini and Robert Shiller on the credit crisis and banking industry. Both men have been quite sober in their analysis of the bubble and its likely consequences.  The video is below with a few good comments from the likes of George Soros and Stephen Roach as well.


  1. Michael OZ says

    Living in the PRC (9 years) as economic analyst, and Professor of economics I have a pretty good view of the ‘ways’ here…
    Remember, whatever the people in charge here decide to do is based on their understanding of economics, where the decision making process is always a calculated political move. Given that the media is not reporting both sides of the coin, neither to the people in the Peoples Republic, nor to us lao wai’s, an analysis on our part is nothing more than an educated guess. My comment is short: “the worst is yet to come”!
    Globalization is the casus for the fast spread of the US creation of the financial problem, which inevitably turned into a worldwide economical problem. No money, no buyers, no demand, no bizz.
    I agree with the tenor of all your comments.

  2. Johnson says

    I’m sorry but the mass media has made a star out of Roubini and I think his stature is overdone…I’m not saying he hasn’t synthesized verbally what is going on but his track record of predictions ain’t too sharp.

    Eric Tyson did an interesting compilation of his calls in recent years (and wrote this up last fall when Roubini was screaming that hedge fund selling would actually shutter financial markets for weeks! Wrong again…the link to Tyson’s piece is:

    Shiller is a reasonably smart lad but he too has been chronically gloomy for years on end on stocks and real estate.

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