Links: 2009-01-31

Remember to switch your RSS feed to since FeedBurner has not been forwarding my feed correctly.

The Most Popular Twitter Acronyms – Digital Inspiration

Wall Street suffers worst January – BBC News

Outlook for Japan’s economy worsens –

Rogoff: The Global Credit Drought – DealBook Blog –

Fed’s Credit Flirtation Muddles Exit Strategy: Caroline Baum –

Hyperinflation is a possibility, say Morgan Stanley – FT Alphaville

The Bailout Game – Barry Ritholtz

Wall Street Quakes at Threat of $400,000 Pay Cap – Yves Smith

Ex-heavyweight champ Johansson dies (AP) (One of my favorite movies is the Swedish movie, “My Life as a Dog” which features the Swedes listening to the Patterson – Johnasson match on the radio)

A Month Free? Rents Are Falling Fast – NY Times

Naomi Tickle: You Can Read a Face Like a Book – Fora TV (I am skeptical but I find this interesting nonetheless)

  1. hbl says

    I switched my feed yesterday as you suggested, but left the old one in Google Reader as I have starred items — and strangely now the old feedburner feed is getting new posts almost as fast as the new feed, and now they have distinct timestamps also instead of all arriving at once. Did something get fixed?

  2. Edward Harrison says

    No, I just stopped forwarding my feed to FeedBurner. Somehow, forwarding the feed screwed things up. The FeedBurner feed still picks up the feed items.

    But, now I have 3 different feedburner addresses:,, and Honestly, the whole thing annoys me to no end. Very frustrating. Google is really making a mess of FeedBurner.

    Thanks for the feedback regarding the Google Reader side of things.

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